• ARCH Lab Publishes Paper Using MY LIFE Study Data

    The ARCH Lab recently published another paper using data from the Multimorbidity in Youth across the Life-course (MY LIFE) study titled “Self-concept in Adolescents with Physical-Mental Comorbidity” in the Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity. Authors analyzed data from 116 adolescents aged 10+ years with chronic physical illness, recruited from outpatient

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  • ARCH Lab Publishes Paper on Parent-Child Agreement on Impact of Epilepsy

    ARCH lab recently published a paper titled “Agreement in reporting restrictions in life between children with epilepsy and their parents’’ which was aimed to investigate the agreement between parents and children regarding restrictions associated with childhood epilepsy, using the Hague Restrictions in Childhood Epilepsy Scale (HARCES). This study, sampling from

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