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    COVID-19 Effects on Mental Health and Service Provision on Children and Families: The MY LIFE Experience

    Children with co-occurring physical and mental illness, or multimorbidity, have poorer quality of life and use more health services. Their parents also often experience poor mental health. These burdens are likely amplified by COVID-19 and the subsequent countermeasures to reduce transmission. Understanding the extent to which COVID-19 has affected the

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    Determinants and Outcomes of Youth Psychiatry Readmission (DETOUR)

    Nearly 20% of hospitalizations for youth aged 18 years or younger are due to mental illness. Psychiatric hospitalizations are costly to the health care system, accounting for one-third of all youth mental health expenditures. In addition to the health care costs, hospitalized youth tend to have substantial emotional distress, function

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    Multimorbidity in Children and Youth Across the Life Course (MY LIFE)

    Nearly 15% of youth less than 18 years of age are affected by both a physical and mental health problem, a situation known as ‘multimorbidity’. This combination of problems can lead to compromised life quality, hardship for families, and considerable burden on the healthcare system. Recruiting children and youth from

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    2014 Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS)

    Results from the 1983 Ontario Child Health Study were partially responsible for over 3 billion dollars of investment in federal and provincial programs and services, resulting in the creation of programs such as the Ontario Early Years Centres; thirty years later, a sequel was conducted. The 2014 Ontario Child Health

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    Multimorbidity In Youth Receiving Mental Health Services

    Contemporary estimates suggest 13% of children and youth in Canada have a mental disorder. The negative effects associated with having a mental disorder are even more pronounced when youth also have a chronic health condition (known as multimorbidity). Little is known about the number of youth in Canada experiencing both

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    Researching Adolescent and Child Heath (REACH)

    The comorbidity of chronic health conditions and mental disorder in children can adversely impact children’s quality of life and family functioning. It also presents complex treatment challenges and increased costs to our health care system. The primary goal of the REACH study are to assess the course (prognosis and risk)

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    Depressive Symptoms In Youth With Physical Illness During The Transition From Adolescence To Young Adulthood

    Cross-sectional studies have shown that youth with a chronic health condition compared to their healthy peers have twice the risk of developing mental health problems. However, there is a paucity of information describing the trajectories of these problems and how their determinants change over time, particularly as youth transition to