ARCH Lab Contributes to 8 Papers Showcasing Results from 2014 Ontario Child Health Study

In 1983, a team of researchers from the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University released data from a seminal research study in the field of child and youth mental health. The most notable finding in the data collected from 3,290 children in 1,869 families was the discovery that one in five children in Ontario has a mental disorder.

Fast forward 31 years and the 2014 Ontario Child Health Study (OCHS) team, including Dr. Ferro, undertook an even greater challenge: collecting data from 10,802 children and youth aged four to 17 in 6,537 families.

Eight papers have been published in a special issue of The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry examining all aspects of the results from the 2014 OCHS, from methodology and prevalence rates to expenditures and policy implications. These papers are open-access and can be accessed by clicking here.

Additionally, click here to see the press release published by McMaster University and here for a summary of each paper and the major findings.