ARCH Lab MSc Candidate Receives an Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to ARCH Lab MSc Student Megan Dol for being awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Suicidal ideation is a strong risk factor for death by suicide—the third leading cause of death in Canada among youth. Megan’s thesis “Mental-Physical Multimorbidity and Suicidal Ideation Among Youth” aims to:

(1) estimate the association between multimorbidity and suicidal ideation in a clinical sample of youth;
(2) identify and compare risk factors for suicidal ideation among youth with and without multimorbidity; and
(3) explore the extent to which sociodemographic, clinical, or psychosocial factors mediate or moderate this relationship.

This study will have implications for future research which will influence suicide prevention strategies and better allocate resources to support youth.