ARCH Lab PhD student passes dissertation and begins Post Doc

Congratulations to ARCH Lab’s Alex Luther on the successful defense of his PhD dissertation!

Alex’s project focused on delinquent behaviours and victimization among children in Ontario. Notable findings indicate:
• Parent and teacher reports have low agreement, suggesting that children display delinquent behaviours differently in home vs. school contexts
• Delinquent behaviours and experiences of victimization often cluster, with clustered patterns of these items differing in severity across settings
• Children with patterns of higher delinquent and victimization have stronger associations with mental disorders, particularly externalizing disorders
• Trauma-informed approaches to delinquency and victimization are necessary to reduce prevalence and impact
• Coordinated interventions across home and school to address these items could have broad benefits to the health and well-being of children

The ARCH Lab is excited to welcome Alex in his new role as a postdoctoral fellow with our team. Congratulations Alex!