ARCH Lab Publishes First Paper from MY LIFE Study

Dr. Ferro, and coinvestigators on the MY LIFE study recently published a paper titled “Multimorbidity in Children and Youth Across the Life-course (MY LIFE): protocol of a Canadian prospective study”.

This paper highlights the prospective study, involving 250 children and youth aged 2–16 years diagnosed with a chronic physical condition. The purpose of the study is to:
• document the course of mental disorder in children and youth diagnosed with a chronic physical condition
• identify predictors of child and youth multimorbidity
• examine whether the effects of these predictors are moderated by relevant psychosocial and biological factors
• explore potential inflammatory and stress biomarkers that mediate the onset of child and youth multimorbidity
• assess whether multimorbidity in children and youth alters patterns of mental health service use

Please check back for updates on the progress of the study and results as they become available.