Arch Lab Publishes Paper on Covid-19 Distress among Parents and Youth with Physical Illness

The ARCH Lab published a paper titled “COVID-19-Related Psychological and Psychosocial Distress Among Parents and Youth With Physical Illness: A Longitudinal Study” that describes changes in psychological distress from prior to during the COVID-19 pandemic. Authors collected responses from youth with physical illness and their parents and compared perceptions of COVID-19-related psychosocial health. There were 147 parent–youth dyads (2–16 years) involved in the study, from the MY LIFE Study —ARCH Lab’s longitudinal study of youth with physical illness.

The authors discovered many associations between age, schooling format, COVID-19-related worries, and effects of social restrictions. Few clinical factors were associated with COVID-19-related psychological and psychosocial distress. Instead, parent/family factors and youth learning environment have prominent roles in predicting outcomes and have implications for the health, education, and social services systems.