Dr. Ferro Keynote at SickKids

Dr. Ferro was honoured to be an invited guest speaker at SickKids Hospital in Toronto this week. During his multi-day visit, he was given the opportunity to present key ARCH Lab findings to various health professionals at several Grand Rounds, including:

1. Special Epilepsy Rounds on Depression in Mothers of Children with Epilepsy: Implications for Child Quality of Life
2. Adolescent Medicine Rounds on Substance Use Disorder among Emerging Adults
3. Medical Psychiatry Alliance Rounds on Mental Disorder in Children with Physical Illness: A Program of Study

Dr. Ferro was especially excited to share results from the ARCH Lab’s pilot study on multimorbidity and preliminary recruitment statistics, successes and learnings from the ongoing MY LIFE study.

Opportunities to bring research findings to those working directly in to health care settings are extremely valuable; hopefully these collaborations will continue to strengthen and develop over time.